Comment 2 for bug 281419

Christian Prim (christian-prim) wrote :

ps2ascii is a shell-script. It calls ghostscript (gs) as an interpreter. The interpreted ps-file (which does the work) is called /usr/share/ghostscript/8.63/lib/ The Interpreter itself (that is ghostscript) doesn't crash with a segmentation fault or so. So a backtrace won't bring anything to solve the problem.

The problem is probably with the Or the new ghostscript missinterpretes this file.

On my system (amd64) the problem occurs in every situation. ps2ascii doesn't work in any circumstances.

Just for your information: ps2epsi works identically to ps2ascii without any problems!
(the shellscript ps2epsi is a bit longer and complexer than ps2ascii, but it calls in the same manner ghostscript as interpreter with a

Hope, this helps you enough.