Comment 8 for bug 172264

In the discussion of the pronlem on the upstream developer mailing list for Ghostscript I got a suggestion for a simple workaround which seems to have no risk of regressions and no requirement of removing features. One simply needs Ghostscript to do buffered input. This is done by replacing the single '-' for the input file in the Ghostscript command line by a '-_'. This can be done by patching all relevant filters. A fix of Ghostscript upstream will need bigger changes in Ghostscript and will take longer time.

I have tested it with foomatic-gswrapper and pstoraster (both in /usr/lib/cups/filter) and I can print the encrypted PDFs now. These two filters I will modify upstream, as I have the appropriate access rights. Other filters to patch are all /usr/bin/foo2*wrapper files of the foo2zjs package.

Adding tasks for foomatic-filters (foomatic-gswrapper) and foo2zjs (/usr/bin/foo2*wrapper), pstoraster is part of the ghostscript package.