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Bug #1573728: Files opened with gedit on command line no longer open within the existing gedit session Low Triaged 197 weeks

From: Pedro CĂ´rte-Real
Link: 09_position_fix.patch

Patch from the upstream bug

Bug #819714: Can not display GB2312/GB18030 encoded chinese files High Triaged 527 weeks

From: Eric Miao
Link: uchardet.diff


Bug #638503: Gedit word select doesn't include space Wishlist Triaged 536 weeks

From: Alexandru Guduleasa
Link: gedit_select.patch

drag & drop word patch

Bug #34813: gedit fails to save files over smbfs/cifs Low Triaged 613 weeks

From: Robie Basak
Link: 0001-smbfs-sshfs-save-problem.patch


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