Comment 23 for bug 796076

KSSG (kssg) wrote :

Anyone examined the .desktop file?
If I drag it into the launcher bar, using the "open new document/window" functions work very oddly, opening more than one "ghost" document. If I try to add double quotes the %U, it tries to open $HOME/Documents (which is a folder, won't work). I can also reproduce the original bug.
It's weird because when done manually, gedit seems to behave nicely if invoked from the command line, but seems to fail when the .desktop file is used. So maybe it has something to do with it.
For example, if I run gedit and use the launcher shortcut to open a new document, it doesn't work (opens another window with ghost documents), but if I try from command line (gedit --new-document) , it'll open a new document as expected.