Gedit indent (CTRL+T) plugin missing

Bug #551507 reported by Lionel Dricot on 2010-03-30
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gedit (Ubuntu)

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Binary package hint: gedit

In gedit under Karmic, I used to have CTRL+T to indent (Ctrl+shift+t to revert) and Ctrl+m to comment (ctrl+shift+m to uncomment).

Since the Lucid upgrade, the indent feature has disappeared (but the comment is still there).

Those features are provided with plugins, it looks like one plugin is missing.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

Thank you for your bug report. The issue is an upstream one and it would be nice if somebody having it could send the bug the to the people writting the software (

Changed in gedit (Ubuntu):
importance: Undecided → Low
Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

The upstream changelog indicate the gedit code has been cleaned because gtksourceview supports indent now, not sure how it's supposed to be used though

Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson) wrote :

You can indent by selecting the block of text and pressing TAB now. I had to read the gtksourceview API documentation to figure that one out though :/

Lionel Dricot (ploum) wrote :

Sebastien > Sorry, I thought it was only a packaging issue.

Chris > You are right! Thanks for the tip.

I guess that the bug is invalid then.

Changed in gedit (Ubuntu):
status: New → Invalid
BadBoy (sklep-szybkieczytanie) wrote :

Doesn't anybody THINK that this change is VERY IMPORTANT and should be clearly communicated to users? I lost 2 hours searching for a solution to this god-only-knows-the-thought-chain-behind-this-new-brain-lobotomy surprise...

Yes good solution BAD announcement!

Jake Guthmiller (jguthmiller) wrote :

I agree; I just spent a ton of time searching for this just to figure out that you can't easily indent single lines anymore. :(

Tudor Holton (tudor) wrote :

@Jake Guthmiller : Eh? Chris Coulson very clearly pointed out that the functionality is still there. In order to indent, you highlight a block of text and press TAB (instead of CTRL-T).

BadBoy (sklep-szybkieczytanie) wrote :

Tudor, let me explain... Jake spent a ton of time searching before he got to this page. My story is exactly the same.

pablogrb (mundo-de-quimeras) wrote :

The help files still show the Ctrl+T options for indenting, they should be updated to reflect the changes in gedit.

Pedro Pires (bigorna00) wrote :

"In order to indent, you highlight a block of text and press TAB (instead of CTRL-T)."

And what should I do to UNINDENT a block of text?? Before Ijust had to press Alt+Ctrl+T... What about now??

Pedro Pires (bigorna00) wrote :

I mean Shift+Ctrl+T...

Pedro Pires (bigorna00) wrote :

Just figured it out: Shift + Tab....

10111 (joachim-neu) wrote :

As Jake mentioned, it had become more complicated to intend one single line, because there the new feature doesn't work so you have to move your cursor to the beginning and then press tab. This had been easier with the old solution as it was irrelevant where the cursor was when you hit CTRL+T. This change isn't really an approvement, it's quite the same for most cases (with another shortcut) and it became more complicated in one use case. Why don't people leave code unchanged that works really good ...

BadBoy (sklep-szybkieczytanie) wrote :

> Why don't people leave code unchanged that works really good...

One day one guy thinks that removing a feature without notifying or asking users about their opinion is the best solution possible. Finally it shows that this was a stupid decision, but the guy is way too proud to confess to his mistake.

Zev Goldstein (psywolf) wrote :

'shift+tab' is not un-indenting for me in gedit (Lucid Lynx). It is doing the same thing as 'tab'. Is anybody else seeing this behavior?

Good solution indeed.
Changed from CTRL+T to TAB

Too bad I had to search on Google looking for a missing plugin to discover it.

George Brindeiro (guitar-jarj) wrote :

This should be configurable: I find it really awkward to use shift+TAB to unindent, not natural at all.
Maybe have that as standard, and visibly allow users to choose another combination (or at least the old combination)

Andy Stanford-Clark (andysc) wrote :

Either way, the new functionality should be documented.

In the plugins section of the gedit docs on Lucid, the Indent Lines plugin is still there, and still says to use Edit->indent, and in the "shortcuts" help, says ctrl-T to indent lines.

I think highlighting some lines and pressing <tab> would "normally" be expected to replace all the highlighted text with a single tab character (compare if you highlight some text and press a letter... the highlighted text is replaced by that letter. So it's possibly not the most obvious and consistent from a usability point of view.

So at best, this is a docs bug, and should be re-activated in that context.

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