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Bug #1053217: gdm leaking filehandles, causing "too many open files" Undecided Confirmed 365 weeks

From: Stuart Longland

The aforementioned patch for gdm

Bug #60448: .xsession-errors file grows out of control & saturates disk space Low Triaged 439 weeks

From: scm
Link: gdm-session-worker.c.diff

don't overwrite symlinks as symlinks, instead overwrite their destination

Bug #542068: Missing translations for "xterm failsafe session" Low New 474 weeks

From: Gabor Kelemen
Link: add-desktop-files.patch

Add desktop files to

Bug #559847: Please support /etc/X11/Xreset.d Wishlist Triaged 492 weeks

From: Timo Aaltonen
Link: gdm.diff


Bug #484317: GDM allows root logins Medium Triaged 507 weeks

From: Iain Buclaw
Link: 29_disallow_invalid_login.patch


Bug #437733: set has-frame of option comboboxes to false Wishlist Triaged 521 weeks

From: Nikola Kovacs
Link: gdm_option_box_no_frame.patch

set has-frame to false for option combobox

Bug #192599: GDM support for domain choice Wishlist Triaged 588 weeks

From: Pawel Jasnos
Link: gdm-


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