Comment 4 for bug 740754

Gunnar Hjalmarsson (gunnarhj) wrote :

The above code was originally tested in Maverick. I noticed that declaring the language array with 100 elements instead of 50 reduces the risk for a segmentation fault. (50 or 500 elements trigger typically errors, while 100 works more safely!?)

Anyway, when I changed from 50 to 100 in the above code, GDM in Maverick seemed to 'almost' make it. The suggested language for added users was taken from the system $LANGUAGE as expected. However, after having typed the password and clicked the button, GDM hanged, and I had to switch off the power to shut down.

As regards GDM in Natty, getenv() seemed to fail in grabbing $LANGUAGE, so the code within the if block was never run, and login worked as usual. Consequently, the suggested language for added users were taken from $LANG - just as before.

The reason why I began to dig into this is that I have started to write an i18n document for the system docs. When I was about to say that the system LANGUAGE (and LC_MESSAGES) variables serve as defaults for added users, it struck me that I ought to test it.

Unless any of you is able to solve the problem easily, I would say that it can wait til 11.10. After all, the most important issue that is mentioned in this bug may be fixed with the linked MP.