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Bug #45107 reported by intonet on 2006-05-16
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I check "eneble autologin" in gdm setup but it didn't work. It's works when I install ubuntu drapper but after somes upgrade autologin stop works.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

Thanks for your bug. Do you still have the issue? Could you activate the debug option from gdmsetup and look if there is an error to /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog? What does happen exactly? Do you get a login error? Or does it act like if it was not doing any autologin? Could you attach your /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom to the bug?

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João Silva (a28123) wrote :

 After updating from Breezy to Dapper, autologin was OK. However, after an update last week or so, GDM automatically chooses my user but asks for the password on startup. The dialog asking the password is just a simple window, and I can login after inserting the password.

 I don't know if this is a bug or a new feature, however I would like to have the old behavior (login automatically without asking the password).

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

João, your issue is not the same, it's probably bug #49940

kamome (kamome) wrote :

I'm having the same problem - autologin doesn't work on a rather freshly installed (beginning of august) and up2date dapper.

I used to have:


in /etc/gdm/gdm.conf - not having read the comments about gdm.conf-custom ;)
But then I reverted this to factory-gdm.conf and made the adjustments in gdm.conf-custom (using gdmsetup), now showing the above entries under the [daemon] section and also setting debug.

What is interesting, is, that when I do "/etc/init.d/gdm restart" the user does get logged in automatically - never works on bootup, allways works with restart.

While gdm was still sitting there, as if there wasn't an autologin specified, /var/log/messages said nothing about gdm (the last entries being about bluetooth and agpgart, still from booting) but /var/log/syslog contains (jan being the user to be logged in):

Sep 3 14:19:08 albatros gdm[4214]: set config key daemon/AutomaticLogin to string jan

and ends as follows:

Sep 3 14:19:34 albatros gdm[4685]: gdm_slave_wait_for_login: In loop

Then, after the "/etc/init.d/gdm restart", /var/log/syslog goes on:

Sep 3 14:25:53 albatros gdm[4232]: mainloop_sig_callback: Got signal 15

some more lines, then a lot of "set config key" entries, containing:

Sep 3 14:25:53 albatros gdm[5071]: set config key daemon/AutomaticLogin to string jan

and finally:

Sep 3 14:25:53 albatros gdm[5073]: gdm_main: Here we go...

and on, all looking good to me. I attach the whole /var/log/syslog.

Another bug about failed autologin (but only on 2nd, 3rd... xserver, so it might be unrelated) is #56035 (with workaround)

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Tommy Hurtig (tommy-hurtig) wrote :

For me autologin or timed login doesn't work after boot up. But if i log in as any user and log out timed login works. I have switched on debugging but nothing remarkable is registered. The configuration is registered and autologin and timed login is registered. The user that shall be logged in is registered. But nothing happens except after I have logged in end then logged out.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

could you try if that's still an issue in hardy or intrepid?

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kamome (kamome) wrote :

Not for me anymore (on gutsy and hardy).

Jiří Vyskočil (svzj) wrote :

I do have the problem in freshly installed Intrepid. Autologin used to work for me in Hardy and Gutsy on this machine.

Autologin does not work after boot. GDM acts as if no autologin was configured - it asks for a username and password.
If I restart gdm using the initscript, the autologin works.

Jiří Vyskočil (svzj) wrote :

This seems to be caused by the xorg intel video driver. I experience the bug on a laptop with two video cards: one is an Intel i915 and the other is nVidia 6600GT. If I start the laptop with nVidia switched on, the autologin works as expected. If I boot it with the internal i915, the autologin won't work.

(My guess is, that it relates to intel driver autodetection procedure, which restarts X in a similar way ctl+alt+backspace would do - in that case, autologin wouldn't work, which would be expected behavior. I think it might be related, because my screen blinks during boot, revealing one of the VTs with init information in one point)

Jiří Vyskočil (svzj) wrote :

I still have the problem with recent Jaunty build (23rd March). Booting with i915 video card gives me 4 blinks and the autologin doesn't work. After switching to nVidia (and reconfiguring X), autologin works. I can provide more information, logs, whatever on request.

Alan Porter (alan.porter) wrote :

I have the same behavior -- blink on bootup, showing the last messages from /etc/init.d/scripts, and then the login window with autologin not working.

This is on an EeePC 900 with an Intel 915GM/GMS/910GML running Intrepid.


kjur (kjur) wrote :

same here. my system is a fresh xubuntu jaunty installation. i'm pretty sure it happened after an update of the package xserver-video-intel.

kjur (kjur) wrote :

check this bug out:

the solution:

sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove
sudo update-rc.d gdm defaults

helps. at least in my case :)

Thank you for posting this bug.

Is this an issue in Maverick?

Jiří Vyskočil (svzj) wrote :

I can't reproduce it anymore (10.04), seems it has gone away in Karmic.

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