Comment 18 for bug 449198

I just found out that all the 'sudo -u gdm gconf-editor && etc.' hacks were just wiped out by the latest GDM update (because the %gconf... files in /var/lib/gdm got overwritten).

We need to find a way to allow customization of GDM in a way that resists update, via a sensible '/etc/gdm/custom.conf' file and without reverting to horrible hacks like the "CTRL-ALT-F1 + sudo + ...".

While I can live with lack of wallpaper and time format customization (thought I'd rather not), I must ensure a few other parameters are enforced, like getting rid of the users list.

Could we imagine some automated script that would get executed when X/GDM launches (e.g. via '.xsession', IIRC), that would push some parameters in the GDM configuration from a /etc/gdm/custom.conf file via 'gconftool-2' ?