Comment 103 for bug 437429

FernanAguero (fernan-ciudad) wrote :

This feature is being requested repeatedly, in different forums. The issue is certainly not urgent or bad enough to merit attention from developers, but it _IS_ annoying.

I'm posting a comment to this one because it seems to be the one who is getting more attention. But it seems like there are different interpretations for the 'silent boot' issue: i) a problem with GDM (how to set up a silent login); ii) a more general issue with Ubuntu (make it respond to the 'mute button' present in laptops).

Ubuntu will keep its annoying status for the foreseeable future if this is not addressed.

Almost all laptops sold nowadays have mute buttons. All laptop owners sooner or later will come across that moment when you wish your laptop would respond to the mute button. When reading in a silent library, in class, when listening to someone else's presentation, or at 4 am in the morning when the rest of the house is fast asleep.

Read the other bug reports on this issue. Windows allows you to mute the laptop during the boot/startup process. And so does the Mac OS on their laptops.

In my case (Dell XPS M1210, Ubuntu 10), the mute button works late during the boot process. The machine starts responding to it halfway after starting the login process in gdm ... with unpredictable results (sometimes during the greeting sound from my gnome session, sometimes after that).

I don't care whether the mute button in my laptop actually triggers a gdm conf change, or if it does its magic at a lower level (sound system). I just want the damn laptop to be quiet!

The proposed solution of having a GUI to configure this is useless in many situations, because you often realize too late that you'd like a silent startup (shut down the laptop last night without considering where your next boot will be).

Different but reports make attempts at identifying the culprit (gdm, alsa) and in setting some aims and deliverables. The configuration tweaks one can make in gdm are OK for desktops, but although they may have the same final result (no sound on login) they do not address the other main issue with laptops: making Ubuntu respond to the mute button.

We need to raise the status of this issue. This particular bug report is about GDM, maybe we have to take this somewhere else? pulseaudio? the kernel? I'm pretty ignorant about these myself, so please bare with me, but I think this issue can't go on like this ... Windows has been responding to the mute button in laptops since Windows 95!