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costales (costales) wrote : Re: [Intrepid] "Guest" account should be accessible from login screen

I did this for have a "guest" false session with GDM Login:

1.- Create a count without privileges (example Guest). Then password = guest :P Any easy.

2.- Configure this count (Guest).

3.- Add all files (included hidden) to a .tar file and save it (example /etc/init.d/guest.tar)

4.- Create this file /etc/init.d/
With this context:
rm -rf /home/guest
mkdir /home/guest
chown guest:guest /home/guest
tar -C /home/guest -xvf /etc/init.d/guest.tar[/CODE]

5.- In terminal:
[CODE]sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/
sudo update-rc.d defaults[/CODE]

With this 5 steps, all configuration user is restart to "default" (in .tar file), in each retart :)