Comment 45 for bug 619003

dino99 (9d9) wrote :

hi Seth,

i feel i need to share my experience about that error:
- here there is 14 ubuntu installation (gnome) that of course have all the 'gdk-pixbuff' packages installed.
- some are fresh installs, other are 'rolling' ones (from as old as Precise)
- i've not seen that error since ages
- but i take care of the packages removal when that happens: i purge them to get rid of their old settings; and i'm also tracking orphans. May be i can be wrong, but i'm feeling these tweaks have their importance about that error.

So i still conclude that error is seen on systems with: old settings laying around, some broken links into /etc/rc?.d maybe.
Maybe you should test these hypothesis on systems producing that error, if you know some of them near you.