Comment 6 for bug 293535

Lourens Veen (lourens) wrote :

I realised that, as I hadn't seen this problem when I tested with an 8.10 LiveCD, this was likely to be some old settings getting in the way of some new way of doing things in Intrepid. So I made a new user and logged in as that user. Behold, problem gone.

After that it was a matter of bisecting config files. I finally ended up deleting my ~/.config/autostart/metacity.desktop file. As I said above, I use compiz, so I have no need of metacity. I'm not sure why it would be started explicitly from my .config/autostart. Maybe I did something funny with the session editor at some point? And it doesn't explain why gconf would start eating CPU. However, it fixed the problem for me, and right now that's good enough.

For your reference, the contents of that ~/.config/autostart/metacity.desktop were:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=No Name
Comment[en_US]=Window Manager
Comment=Window Manager

Fran├žois, could you make a new user and log in as that new user? Does that solve it for you as well?