Comment 0 for bug 676454

Marcin Juszkiewicz (hrw) wrote :

Now gcc-4.[45]-armel-cross uses update-alternatives to handle which is default. This needs to be changed to follow normal gcc.

Implementation plan:

1. create gcc-defaults-armel-cross which will switch to gcc-4.5: DONE
2. create gcc-defaults-armel-cross which will use symlinks: DONE
3. alter postinst/prerm of gcc-4.[45]-armel-cross to not use u-a: TODO
4. alter postinst/prerm of gcc-4.[45]-armel-cross to remove old u-a: TODO
5. upload newer gcc-4.[45]-armel-cross into archive to get rid of u-a: TODO
6. add conflicts on gcc-4.[45]-armel-cross (versions with u-a) to gcc-defaults-armel-cross packages: TODO
7. upload gcc-defaults-armel-cross into archive: TODO