Comment 1 for bug 1783930

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package gcc-6 - 6.4.0-19ubuntu1

gcc-6 (6.4.0-19ubuntu1) cosmic; urgency=medium

  * Merge with Debian; remaining changes:
    - Build from upstream sources.

gcc-6 (6.4.0-19) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update to SVN 20180727 (r263028) from the gcc-6-branch.
    - Fix PR c++/86291, PR libgomp/84096, PR fortran/81304, PR fortran/81841,
      PR libstdc++/86272, PR c++/86210, PR c++/83059, PR c/84873, PR c/84873,
      PR debug/83550, PR c/82340, PR target/84168 (AArch64), PR target/84829,
      PR target/84786 (x86), PR tree-optimization/86231, PR middle-end/85878,
      PR target/85945, PR c++/85659, PR rtl-optimization/85431,
      PR rtl-optimization/85300, PR tree-optimization/85257, PR debug/85252,
      PR rtl-optimization/85167, PR inline-asm/85022, PR inline-asm/85034,
      PR inline-asm/85022, PR inline-asm/84941, PR debug/84875, PR c/84953,
      PR target/84899, PR c++/79085, PR target/84772, PR c++/84767,
      PR tree-optimization/84739, PR target/84700, PR inline-asm/84625,
      PR ipa/84425, PR c/82210, PR sanitizer/83987, PR rtl-optimization/83986,
      PR middle-end/84040, PR target/83930, PR preprocessor/83722,
      PR tree-optimization/83605, PR c++/83553, PR rtl-optimization/80747,
      PR rtl-optimization/83512, PR tree-optimization/83523,
      PR tree-optimization/83521, PR ipa/82801, PR ipa/83346, PR target/81906,
      PR c++/81212, PR target/78643, PR target/80583, PR target/80819,
      PR sanitizer/83014, PR middle-end/82253, PR target/82880, PR c++/82159,
      PR c++/82159, PR rtl-optimization/82192, PR tree-optimization/85989,
      PR tree-optimization/82108, PR tree-optimization/81410,
      PR tree-optimization/79920, PR middle-end/84607, PR middle-end/85588,
      PR middle-end/81884, PR middle-end/85244, PR tree-optimization/85597,
      PR middle-end/83623, PR tree-optimization/82264,
      PR tree-optimization/82285, PR tree-optimization/82402,
      PR tree-optimization/82697, PR middle-end/82765, PR middle-end/83713,
      PR c++/86291, PR c++/85147, PR c++/85140, PR c++/84791, PR c++/85076,
      PR c++/85068, PR c++/84874, PR c++/84222, PR c++/84076, PR c++/84662,
      PR c++/84558, PR c++/84448, PR c++/84341, PR sanitizer/83987,
      PR sanitizer/83987, PR c++/83824, PR c++/79650, PR c++/80259,
      PR c++/82781, PR fortran/82969, PR fortran/86242, PR fortran/85313,
      PR fortran/81304, PR fortran/81841.
  * Fix applying the powerpcspe patches.
  * Add a full version symlink for the go library, so that the go tool
    can find the library. LP: #1783930.

 -- Matthias Klose <email address hidden> Fri, 27 Jul 2018 10:13:40 +0200