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Jeff Bailey (jbailey) wrote :

Please stop third-party relaying messages from people. All that's happening is that we're reply to bug reports that the actual reporter may or may not be seeing.

The man pages are *not* buggy. I refer everyone to the relevent section:

           MIPS Options -EL -EB -march=arch -mtune=arch -mips1 -mips2
           -mips3 -mips4 -mips32 -mips32r2 -mips64 -mips16 -mno-mips16
           -mabi=abi -mabicalls -mno-abicalls -mshared -mno-shared -mxgot
           -mno-xgot -mgp32 -mgp64 -mfp32 -mfp64 -mhard-float
           -msoft-float -msingle-float -mdouble-float -mdsp -mpaired-single
           -mips3d -mlong64 -mlong32 -msym32 -mno-sym32 -Gnum -membed‐
           ded-data -mno-embedded-data -muninit-const-in-rodata
           -mno-uninit-const-in-rodata -msplit-addresses -mno-split-addresses
           -mexplicit-relocs -mno-explicit-relocs -mcheck-zero-division
           -mno-check-zero-division -mdivide-traps -mdivide-breaks -mmemcpy
           -mno-memcpy -mlong-calls -mno-long-calls -mmad -mno-mad
           -mfused-madd -mno-fused-madd -nocpp -mfix-r4000 -mno-fix-r4000
           -mfix-r4400 -mno-fix-r4400 -mfix-vr4120 -mno-fix-vr4120
           -mfix-vr4130 -mfix-sb1 -mno-fix-sb1 -mflush-func=func
           -mno-flush-func -mbranch-likely -mno-branch-likely -mfp-exceptions
           -mno-fp-exceptions -mvr4130-align -mno-vr4130-align

Even the full documentation section is under "MIPS Options".

While this would probably be a fascinating option for amd64 to grow (ia64 has the option for an ILP32 mode on HP-UX, for instance), I suspect that the likelyhood of desktop systems not having >4GB of Ram in the near future is pretty slim (and certainly will be true by the time toolchain, kernel, and system libraries would have the capability). For servers, having more than 4GB is already reasonable and common.