gaim crashed (gaim_gtk_conv_window_add_gtkconv)

Bug #68463 reported by tyler.newnoise on 2006-10-26
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gaim (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

crashed while running in the background
did nothing - no contact adding, no messaging...

tyler.newnoise (tyler-newnoise) wrote :
Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

Backtrace from the crash:

(gdb) bt
#0 0xb78e3042 in IA__g_list_last (list=0x8549418) at glist.c:453
#1 0xb78e3645 in IA__g_list_append (list=0xffffffee, data=0x8549418) at glist.c:75
#2 0x080f0e8c in gaim_gtk_conv_window_add_gtkconv (win=0x8370340, gtkconv=0x8549418) at ../../src/gtkconv.c:7517
#3 0x080f44d3 in private_gtkconv_new (conv=0x854aa38, hidden=1) at ../../src/gtkconv.c:4394
#4 0x0808494d in gaim_conversation_new (type=GAIM_CONV_TYPE_IM, account=0x81c9348, name=0x8571780 "335717460")
    at ../../src/conversation.c:323
#5 0x080ece01 in received_im_msg_cb (account=0x81c9348, sender=0x8571780 "335717460",
    message=0x86c1e60 "hey falko, wir werden wohl doch morgen abend nach der show wieder nach md zurückfahren",
    conv=0x0, flags=0) at ../../src/gtkconv.c:4438
#6 0x080a3434 in gaim_marshal_VOID__POINTER_POINTER_POINTER_POINTER_UINT (cb=0x80ecd60 <received_im_msg_cb>,
    args=0xbfa77978 "H\223\034\b\200\027W\b`\036l\b", data=0x0, return_val=0x0) at ../../src/signals.c:753
#7 0x080a3b0e in gaim_signal_emit_vargs (instance=0x815b2c4, signal=0x813bfcf "received-im-msg",
    args=0xbfa77978 "H\223\034\b\200\027W\b`\036l\b") at ../../src/signals.c:484
#8 0x080a3c5a in gaim_signal_emit (instance=0x0, signal=0xffffffee <Address 0xffffffee out of bounds>)
    at ../../src/signals.c:436
#9 0x080a2f7c in serv_got_im (gc=0x845e550, who=0x8519ab0 "335717460",
    msg=0x840fea0 "hey falko, wir werden wohl doch morgen abend nach der show wieder nach md zurückfahren", flags=0,
    mtime=1161891891) at ../../src/server.c:486
#10 0xb6904304 in gaim_parse_incoming_im (sess=0x845e640, fr=0x86a5ed0) at ../../../../src/protocols/oscar/oscar.c:4196
#11 0xb68ea6d9 in incomingim (sess=0x845e640, mod=<value optimized out>, rx=0x86a5ed0, snac=0xbfa77fbc, bs=0x86a5edc)
    at ../../../../src/protocols/oscar/family_icbm.c:1627
#12 0xb68eba71 in snachandler (sess=0x845e640, mod=0xffffffee, rx=0x86a5ed0, snac=0xbfa77fbc, bs=0x86a5edc)
    at ../../../../src/protocols/oscar/family_icbm.c:2475
#13 0xb690e896 in aim_rxdispatch (sess=0x845e640) at ../../../../src/protocols/oscar/rxhandlers.c:158
#14 0xb68f7c2d in oscar_callback (data=0x845ec88, source=14, condition=GAIM_INPUT_READ)
    at ../../../../src/protocols/oscar/oscar.c:1763
#15 0x080fafe3 in gaim_gtk_io_invoke (source=0x8477908, condition=G_IO_IN, data=0x84597a8) at ../../src/gtkeventloop.c:74
#16 0xb790ec8d in g_io_unix_dispatch (source=0x847aaa8, callback=0x80fafa0 <gaim_gtk_io_invoke>, user_data=0x84597a8)
    at giounix.c:162
#17 0xb78e5802 in IA__g_main_context_dispatch (context=0x8182af0) at gmain.c:2045
#18 0xb78e87df in g_main_context_iterate (context=0x8182af0, block=1, dispatch=1, self=0x81653d8) at gmain.c:2677
#19 0xb78e8b89 in IA__g_main_loop_run (loop=0x845d4f0) at gmain.c:2881
#20 0xb7c1b574 in IA__gtk_main () at gtkmain.c:1024
#21 0x0810fd0c in main (argc=Cannot access memory at address 0xffffffee
) at ../../src/gtkmain.c:764

Changed in gaim:
importance: Undecided → Medium
status: Unconfirmed → Confirmed
Thomas Schwinge (tschwinge) wrote :

I just experienced the same: gaim was running in the background, I was working in a gnome-terminal, when suddenly the crash agent popped up.

   I have a similar issue. Gaim crashed in the backround when I was using Firefox, with many tabs openned. The system was already very slow then, almost non-responsive. I also had Evolution, BitTorrent (uploadind) and Rhythmbox working on backround. My report goes attached below.

Thomas Schwinge (tschwinge) wrote :

This never happened again to me.

Adam Niedling (krychek) wrote :

Edgy and gaim are not supported anymore. Please open a new bug if you get a crash with pidgin in a later version of Ubuntu.

Changed in gaim:
status: Confirmed → Invalid
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