Comment 7 for bug 67544

It seems that the requirements for bootstrapping have changed since I last bootstrapped this. The following sequence of commands (output mostly elided) worked for me:

mkdir fpc
cd fpc
schroot -c lucid -u root
apt-get source fpc
echo "deb sid main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update
apt-get --download-only install fp-compiler fp-units-base fp-utils fp-units-rtl fp-units-fcl
Get:1 sid/main fp-units-rtl 2.4.0-2 [2239kB]
Get:2 sid/main fp-compiler 2.4.0-2 [1804kB]
Get:3 sid/main fp-units-base 2.4.0-2 [1350kB]
Get:4 sid/main fp-units-fcl 2.4.0-2 [5165kB]
Get:5 sid/main fp-utils 2.4.0-2 [3604kB]
sed -i /debian/d /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update
for i in /var/cache/apt/archives/fp*deb; do dpkg -i $i; done
apt-get build-dep fpc
cd fpc-2.4.0/
debuild -b

    Note that some of these commands produce warnings or errors. Most notable are that one must accept unauthenticated packages from sid (or install debian-keyring, etc.), and that the dpkg install loop complains a lot (although everything ends up resolved after apt-get build-dep).

    Obviously, it's a good idea to rebuild again using the output of this as input against a clean lucid chroot for uploading, just to make sure that any artifacts caused by using Debian binaries have been addressed. Easiest way is probably to install all the output .debs into an otherwise clean lucid chroot, and rebuild there. I've attached the first-stage build-log for reference.