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Andrew Cross (shitgoesboom) wrote :

i would like to use the official pIqaD fonts and locales because i am trying to make a new Klingon distro of ubuntu and i would like to know if there is some waty to create my own font for use with ubuntu using the kli glyphs so that way i can move on because the kahless font is fun but not truly klingon and the bernyklingon font is not truly klingon either when this gets resolved let me know at <email address hidden>. the windows font pIqaD installed but displays as a standard font type (not sure which font) i have the langpack for thl installed but i cant set it as a defalt language due to being an incomplete locale trust me when i say there are more klingons using ubuntu than there are osx and the only reason anyone uses windows is for compatability and conveiniece. also if anyone knows how to get ahold of this "Chris" guy who made the other Thlingbuntu it would be nice to know that as well.
Andrew C Cross
Pyro The Wicked