Comment 9 for bug 1575555

Dhoulmagus (jiongrious) wrote :

After some time of messing around I still think this is a bug of CJK fallback mechanism in Chrome...After all, when the page explicitly sets lang="??", Chrome render the fonts using the corresponding language's Noto Sans CJK ?? correctly and gorgeously(That is, for an entry of Wikipedia, Chrome correctly renders its English version using Noto Sans, Noto Serif, Noto Mono, and correctly renders its Japanese version using Noto Sans CJK JP, and correctly renders its SC version using Noto Sans CJK SC and TC version using Noto Sans CJK TC. And Chrome correctly renders normal texts using Regular fonts and renders bold texts using corresponding Bold fonts. This means that Chrome CAN RECOGNIZE different Noto CJK fonts and their different Weights), but when the page does not explicitly sets lang="??", its fallback mechanism will weirdly choose [Noto Sans CJK JP Thin] first to render CJK fonts, which is the key.