Activity log for bug #68297

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2006-10-25 23:12:33 Manuel López-Ibáñez bug added bug
2006-10-25 23:30:16 Manuel López-Ibáñez bug added attachment 'ugly-small-fonts.png' (konqueror and firefox showing ugly small fonts)
2006-10-29 16:24:59 Frank Siegert fontconfig: status Unconfirmed Needs Info
2006-10-29 16:24:59 Frank Siegert fontconfig: statusexplanation What exactly do you mean by ugly? That those small fonts are not anti-aliased? There is a setting in System Settings -- Appearance -- Fonts to allow you to disable anti-aliasing for certain font sizes. Maybe it's checked? By the way, whenever you change ~/.fonts* you have to run "fc-cache" and/or log out and back in for the changed to take effect.