Comment 0 for bug 321143

Binary package hint: flashplugin-nonfree

Ubuntu 8.10
Version of flashplugin-nonfree:
Locale: fr_FR (maybe same problem with other?)

It's a long time bug but I can't find any bug-report about this, so here it is!

In flash sites (like deezer, open street map...) accent aren't displayed normally: typing "é" displays "é", "ô" displays "ô" and same kind of things with all accents!
However, if I type accents, for example in OO.o or any non-flash area in Firefox, and then I copy-paste it to the flash site, it displays very well.

Here are the result of some searches:
Since the release of flash 10, Adobe seems to have set a new way for internationalization.
According to the "Internationalization" part in
the environment variable LANG have to be set to fr_FR (in my case).
But mine is set to "fr_FR.UTF-8" (see attachment).
I tried to do "export LANG=fr_FR" , to rename "/usr/lib/locale/fr_FR.utf8" to "/usr/lib/locale/fr_FR" but no results.
I also tried with all French variant (fr_BE, fr_CA ...) but still nothing.

Thank you for your attention! (and sorry for my English ;) )