Comment 35 for bug 95241

Jin (wjfjin) wrote :

Hi guys,

Thanks for the quick reply. However "ist" user-agent trick did not work.
Possibly, it is a different but similar problem, as Capaz said and this thread
When I am on the campus network, I cannot get response from the HTTP authentication page for WiFi.
And when at home with VPN connected to campus, I cannot visit any none-local-campus websites, but for google(???).
When at home directly connected to internet, things are fine, except for I can not connect to the, which Capaz metioned either.
3TCP handshakes -> Http Request -> RST after some waiting.
I have not heard from the webmaster yet.

ubutu 7.04, Firefox

>Capineiro Capaz said on 2007-06-07: (permalink)

>Changing the about:config entry to remove "feisty" didn't work here. Tried (Ubuntu), Ubuntu, (Ubuntu 7.04), ... and it didn't help. I can browser the internet with no problem, except this website:


>I can also remember another page on the same domain ( that I couldn't open. Konqueror didn't work either. However, that page DOES LOAD on my desktop computer running Ubuntu LTS (my two >computer are on the same network).