Comment 16 for bug 830173

This happens like comment 4 said...

it's a substitute, so it self identify like Adobe Flash, due to the Flash detection identifiers versions... i guess this could be done creating an additional identifier... this could be done creating a bug in the Gnash bugtrack to create this identifier, this additional identifier will help to mozilla to detect when the people are using SWFdec, LightSpark, Gnash, Adobe or others...

IE, an additional field in the plugins, that identify itself as one of the Flash alternative... then if the plugin it's too old, the same flash alternative have another field with the URL of the flash... so Firefox use that field to tell to the user to update to last version in that URL... or if that field who identify the flash alternative doesn't exist, in that case Firefox just tell to the user to update to Adobe Flash, but if that fields exist, so Firefox tell the other alternative...
More easy could be to have another option, if the flash plugin crash, just tell:

"You need to upgrade to the last version of the flash you use: