Comment 4 for bug 668867

axx (axx) wrote :

I don't know if this is the proper bug report, but since I started updating Lucid to Maverick (so before the upgrade was even complete) Firefox has started freezing for no apparent reason.

I usually have a lot (a lot… ~90) tabs open, and also have a bunch of extensions, but some of these are designed to make the amount of tab usable (such as Bar Tab which unloads tabs, so right now even with about 100 tabs memory consumption is only 150 MB).

After some time, a few minutes or tens of minutes, Firefox hangs completely, not answering anything.
CPU usage goes up to a little under 100% and stays there for as long as I don't kill the process.

I tried starting in safe mode but the same thing happened, which would lead me to think that the add-ons are not to blame.

Maybe one of my tabs is ? But as most of them aren't even loaded, it seems a little weird.

And the freeze doesn't seem to be triggered by anything in particular, it usually happens when I'm just srcolling down a page, or writing in a text box such as this one.

I've tried starting Firefox from the terminal for extra info but it doesn't output anything significant unfortunetaly.

Next step might be to install the Mozilla build of Firefox from the Ubuntuzilla project to see if the problem appears in that version of Firefox.

Otherwise I'd be happy to test out whatever is needed to solve this.

Firefox is one of my main tools, I don't really want to have to stop using it.