Comment 37 for bug 308605

Jahava (danjacques) wrote :

At the moment this is anecdotal, but I have experienced this problem through the entire Firefox 3.0+ lines. Recently, I was addressing some KDE4 graphical glitches that occurred when using GTK applications:

System Settings -> Appearance -> GTK Styles and Fonts:
"GTK Styles": Usage another style: "QtCurve"
(Hit "Apply" and restart any GTK+ Applications, including Firefox; in the event of this bug, make SURE the process is terminated via 'ps/kill' as documented in previous comments)

After changing this, my rendering glitches in GTK applications running in KDE4 did stop, which was awesome. Firefox was one such application that was affected by this (being a GTK+ application).

However, I _also_ have noticed (so far) that all of the instances of the process not terminating when all of its windows were closed (i.e. this bug) have also stopped since making that change. I've even tried changing the setting back and immediately notice the familiar "process already running" messages reappearing.

Could someone else who is experiencing this using Kubuntu / KDE4 try making this change and see if your results coincide with mine?