Comment 23 for bug 308605

I think a fundamental re-examination of the design is in order for profiles.

Comment #1 stated "Please note that usual/average users never use multiple profiles." My belief is that they don't use it because they don't know it's there. The usual/average user doesn't know about command line options and requires a GUI. Using my own parents as an example, my father refused to convert from IE to Firefox because he didn't like my mother's extensions and it took me 2 months of convincing that (after I setup profiles for them) her stuff would not mix with his (that and configuring IE tab to support Remote Access automatically but I digress).

Design Choices:
#1) While installing you're given limited options to "import" from other browsers but not any configuration options.

a) Keep as is, assume KISS.
b) Prompt the user "Is there more than one person using this computer? If so, would you like to setup a profile for each? Yes||No. If Yes-> How many? ::gather required information.

#2) Upon install, Firefox just goes.

a) It's easy and friendly to "just get started", KISS
b) Take the user through some basic configuration. Note: KISS - only the most basic of options as not to overwhelm the user. Also note that this should not include "default browser", only options unique to the profile. Ideally the default browser prompt should come up prior to profile manager and include the Firefox logo and a basic description for those who don't know what that means.

#3) Additional options. "no-remote" flag is currently very limiting or unfriendly to average user.

Examples of user scenarios currently unsupported:
- Profile A user is browsing, Profile B user comes and wants to check email. Profile A user doesn't want to close their session (say, in the middle of a flash video they can't resume position - or - privacy options enabled will lose session). Average user won't know about no-remote.

- Developer running 1 default profile (a), 1 developer profile (b), receives an email in Thunderbird with a link - clicks link and receives inexplicable/confusing "not responding" error message.

- Taking previous scenario, user/developer wants link opened in a specific profile, lets say profile C.

With examples like these in mind:

i) Prompt 'default browser' prior to Profile Manager (if flag set)
ii) Depreciate no-remote in favour of new implementation
iii) Add profile specific "Tools->Options->Application style" option for what to do with external links (when multiple profiles exist). *Note: this does present the problem of what to do when multiple profiles are open with conflicting instructions. Possible resolutions: if conflicting default to "Always ask". or about:config option of default to: always ask, use first open, use last open, use last active.
iv) Add Manage Profiles option with appropriate GUI to "Tools" tab
v) Pipe Dream: Ensure profiles can be switched *after* load/addon support for profiles.