Comment 2 for bug 308605

> Do you really think that enhancement(==Design change around "Remote/NoRemote
> mode") has to be done?
> Please note that usual/average users never use multiple profiles.

That's a point.

> Further, many of usual/average users don't know about existence
> of profile manager, because Firefox developers(Mozilla Company)
> eager to hide existence of profile manager.
> See following Bug.
> > Bug 214675 Remove Profile Manager UI

That would be the logical consequence. On the other hand it would force me to run a second browser other than firefox in order to accomplish a strict separation of the several things (proxy, passwords, bookmarks, etc.).

And it would make it unnecessarily difficult testing development versions of firefox with a fresh profile.

> > "Firefox is already running, but is not responding. [..]"
> Which version of Firefox is the "unresponsive" Firefox?
> How the "unresponsive" Firefox is started before the "unresponsive" problem?
1) firefox -P profile1
2) firefox -P profile1 -no-remote

> Similar problem on Linux to Bug 427118 on MS Win(DUP of Bug 395891 on MS Win)?
Not quite, since there are no other programs than firefox (and command line) involved.

> Anyway, the "unresponsive" problem is different from your enhancement request,
> although the enhancement will be possibly a solution of the "unresponsive"
> problem. I recommend you to open separate bug for the "unresponsive" problem.

Hmm. The main reason I posted this bug is the same:
There are several profiles that are handled independently.
Using two profiles at the same time should be made "possible" simply by specifying the profile to use.
I don't want that "-no-remote" switch, it's just a workaround to open a second instance of firefox with another profile.
The no-remote swith is unnecessary imho, the distinction should be done according to the profile name, if given, otherwise it should use the default profile.
If no firefox instance using that profile is running, start a new one, otherwise open another window (or tab, depending on the configuration).