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Ian Jackson (ijackson) wrote :

I have tested this on my 1.4.99+1.5rc3.dfsg-1ubuntu4 and it seems to work. I
did as follows:
1. Vanilla dapper install last updated some time last week
2. firefox packages 1.4.99+1.5rc3.dfsg-1ubuntu4
3. rm -rf .mozilla; firefox
4. Visit by typing the url
5. Log in using my ubuntu bugzilla account. Answer the dialogue boxes about
saving passwords etc.
6. Tools / JavaScript Console shows errors in
  Error: Error in parsing value for property 'font'. Declaration dropped.
  Source File:
  Line: 31
 (I have reported this separately, as
7. Click `new', Ubuntu.
8. Type `firefox' into the Package field
9. Type `No summary, testing.' into the Description field.
10. Click Commit
11. Observe a dialogue box `Please enter a summary sentence for this bug'.