Comment 46 for bug 228988

On 2010-09-16 13:24, papukaija wrote :
> You wrote "I'm sorry I don't run Maverick. Nor Lucid yet. Please note
> that these problems are browser issue, not system issues." Of course
> this bug is a browser issue but Lucid and Maverick have newer versions
> of Firefox than Hardy or Jaunty has. Anyway, I'm attaching a screenshot
> (taken in Lucid with FF 3.6.9) that doesn't have this issue.
My Lucid is almost out of the box, runs FF 3.6.3, and does show the
problem as did all the FF versions I've used along 4 years.

And there we go again as I said, instead of trying to find the reason of
the problem, denying what I say in two lines sending me off to write two
pages to prove it until I get on my nerves.
(You say you attached a screenshot but there is none, the least you
could say is which View/Encoding your displayed page uses with but you

I supposed that the goal of bug reporting is to find how clicking on
"Install Ubuntu, French" can get you a working system, not proving that
other American ones meet no problem, but it turns out that I was
terribly wrong.

Yes, of course, you're perfectly right sir, the reports and screenshots
I sent you all along those 2½ years are made up to play a joke on Ubuntu.

Ubuntu asks me to report bugs. I've done my job. It's bye-bye from me.
And probably good bye because you all made me feel like not reporting
bugs any more.
After 2½ years seeing my many reports stranded I feel like having been
absolutely useless.
And I have other things to do.