Comment 42 for bug 223238

cgabbadon (cgabbadon) wrote :

Have the same exact issue here. I have an nVidia card on my laptop - I have ultra slow JavaScript/AJAX performance in Firefox and Epiphany. The library I mainly use for development purposes is jQuery.

I just downloaded and installed the latest version of Opera, and the JavaScript performance is perfect - no delays/slowness at all. Likewise, I have Windows XP running as a virtual instance through VirtualBox and the performance is fine in Firefox and Google Chrome (I didn't test anything else there).

I notice the performance problem is biggest in two situations:
1. When JavaScript DOM manipulation is taking place in HTML elements that are nested pretty deep: When I have the same script running on a top level element vs. a deeply nested one, the performance in the deeply nested one is a lot worst.
2. Generally, when working with pretty complex pages. For example, dragging/dropping elements with a lot of nested elements inside the draggable container.

Any updates on this issue?