Comment 19 for bug 121734

John Vivirito (gnomefreak) wrote :

lightning-sunbird (0.7+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low

  * Upstream release 0.7
  * Made use of upstream tarball
  * Full list of changes can be found at:
    - Too many to list here.
  * debian/control: Removed ${Source-Version} from depends of sunbird-dev
    and just using sunbird as depend
  * debian/patches/configure-autoconf2-13-reconfigure.patch: Ran
    autoconf2.13 to update patch
  * debian/patches/bz399589_fix_missing_symbol_with_new_nss.patch: Added
    patch to fix FTBFS with error ‘SECAlgorithmIDTemplate’ was not declared
    in this scope"
  * debian/patches/series: Updated for
  * Reupload source tarball without binaries (LP: #121734) - sanitized
    using debian/
  * debian/ add script to strip original tarball from
    binary only cruft.

  [ Alexander Sack ]
  * debian/ add script to remove binary only files.

 -- John Vivirito <email address hidden> Thu, 15 Nov 2007 18:57:23 -0500