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Dave M G (martin-autotelic) wrote : Re: [Bug 104470] Re: firefox crashed --

The workaround seems to work on my system. What I do specifically is:

1. Open a new FireFox window.
2. Go to Youtube and select to open any random video.
3. Press pause so it doesn't reach the end.
4. Minimize that window.
5. Open a new FireFox window.
6. In the new browser, surf the net, watch videos, do whatever.

With at least one instance of Flash running in another FireFox window,
Flash does not crash.

Thank you for reporting this workaround. Though I hope Flash, FireFox,
or Ubuntu will eventually be resolved for so as not to have this problem
with Flash and hda intel sound drivers.

Dave M G
Ubuntu Feisty 7.04
Kernel 2.6.20-15-386