Comment 2 for bug 1023012


On 21 July 2012 13:32, Antonio Roquentin <email address hidden> wrote:

> Thank you for reporting this bug. Could you specify which version of
> firefox and ubuntu are you using? I cannot reproduce this bug in ubuntu
> 12.04 with firefox 14.0. If I try to save a text file from firefox and
> rename it so as to start with a dot, the file is correctly saved with
> the expected initial dot. When I try again and overwrite the file, I see
> no removal of the initial dot.

It is Ubuntu 12.04, 64bit, all packages up to date,
 ii firefox 14.0.1+build1- Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla

When I click on a gmail attachment, application.doc, choose "download",
and change the filename to save to ".application.doc" it ignores the dot
and saves "application.doc" instead.