Comment 4 for bug 528798

Robert Jansen (brennerlars) wrote :

This problem is years old now . It was reported in 2010. It took three (3) whole years before it got 'confirmed'. Now that was more than a year ago. Is their any chance of this being 'solved' or 'diagnosed' or something promising like that in the years to come ? Or is to remain 'confirmed' forever.
In the meantime rebooting crappy Ubuntu Linux machines multiple times a day because that is the only temporary 'solution' to this 'confirmed' problem.

The problem is not caused by /etc/hosts nor by addons nor an old profile. Even with a fresh install of Firefox and a completely new profile without addons the problem persists. The problem occurs on Xubuntu 12.04. ( I'm back on 12.04 and skipping 14.04 because of the huge number of bugs and problemes in that release ).

I used to actually promote Ubuntu and Linux. Can't really remember why actually, the reason must be buried under a the accumulated mountain of frustration.