Comment 0 for bug 375894

Jarl (jarl-dk) wrote :

On Kubuntu Jaunty when I start firefox from the menu the working directory is "!/Dokumenter" (danish for "~/Documents"), this causes problems for homebanker applets.

When login into my homebank (using icedtea6-plugin) I therefore manually have to find the private key file (named EBJKS.ebjkeystore) which is located in my home-dir. Further when I later have to confirm transactions it fails again because it cannot find the private key-file. When starting firefox in my home-dir, the login applet automatically finds my private key file and fills out the usernumber (I only have to supply a password).

A quick workaround is of course to create your own ~/.local/share/applications/firefox.desktop file with a entry for "Path" specifying your home-dir. However it would be a huge improvement to ubuntu if this was not necessary for all users to do.

The fix should be applied to the file /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop, hence it is repoorted to firefox-3.0-branding.