Comment 23 for bug 332176

Eddy, this bug isn't about how to do revocation checking. It's about what
UI treatment to give to sites whose certs offer no revocation checking.

Knowing, as we do, the extreme dislike that the majority of Firefox users
and Firefox developers have for any sort of annoying interaction, and the
fact that the vast majority of users and developers alike will "click past"
ANY dialog that you put in their way, I think it is VERY VERY unlikely that
any Firefox developers will add any new annoyances to the http web site

The presence of absence of revocation information is not the browser user's
choice, but rather the policy of the CA from whom the site operator obtained
his certificate. It really comes down to whether the user trusts the certs
issued by that CA, or not. If the user distrusts all certs without revocation info, then the user should simply distrust the CA cert for any CA that issues certs without revocation info. I can see offering the user some visual clue,
such as a different icon (instead of the ordinary padlock) for such certs,
but a warning dialog seems right out of the question.