Comment 72 for bug 294712

So, one of the issues I ran into is that I can't get a dependable domain to ignore, similar to the issue mentioned at:

I'm not sure how to proceed, should I just continue using the host, or find a way of getting just the domain name?

I still can't figure out exactly what I'm doing wrong here, memory seems to be corrupted when I do something like:

var Cc = Components.classes, Ci = Components.interfaces;
var cb = Cc[";1"]
var uri = Cc[";1"]
for (var i = 0; i < 7000; i++) {
  uri.spec = "" + i +".com";

When I do that twice with this patch I crash with an access violation somewhere in string land. Also, I created a patch to log some of the functions and see what's going on, seems like the entries aren't kept around for some reason after that loop exits. If I put a dot at the end of "google", so that the url becomes "" + i + ".com", it seems to work, I'm still not sure why...

Any help here is appreciated. Could it be that the string's copy constructor is copying by reference, then the string gets lost? If so, how come it only crashes/doesnt work if I loop over 7000 uris? It should crash on one ignorePolicy/restorePolicy call afaict...