Comment 12 for bug 294712

(In reply to comment #11)
> (From update of attachment 303675 [details])
> Seems OK if the ALLOW_ACTION would override a "deny" default.

It does. The default prefs are only looked up if a permission entry is not found for the domain.

> I'd make the
> magic constant "1" a named constant of some sort, though.

It can be ALLOW_ACTION actually. But this pref accepts a value of 3 as well (to allow same-site images), which makes it not map exactly on nsIPermissionManager constants. I can change this if gavin wants it as well, anyway.

> To be honest, I was more thinking that you'd tell the permission manager that
> it should return "allow" for this specific image object, but if this works in
> all the various situations (cross-site images, etc, etc), then it's probably
> fine.

It does handle all the situations...