Comment 54 for bug 197781

In the documentation on, it tells that we have to rely on observer to know when the loading is complete. But when I try to load an overlay, and then load a second overlay inside the observer::observes method, it seems like second signal is never fired even if the second overlay is loaded. (I can see the xul code with a dump of the xul document).

Currently, I try to load two overlays with this pattern:
1. call the loading function
   1.1 loadOverlay(url_one, new observer)
2. observer::observe is called with the good signal
   RESULT = the document 1 is loaded
   2.1 recall the loading function
   2.2 loadOverlay(url_two, new observer)
3 < is never called>
   RESULT = the document 2 is loaded, but the event was not fired

I'm trying to use loadOverlay because I have a system that work with modules (actived depending on user rights known on runtime after a login dialog). Rights now I have the choice to load all overlays (wait about 30 seconds for xulrunner to open) or open the core system (wait around 10 seconds).

So, can you paste me some code that will help me to understand how to load more than 1 overlays?