Comment 45 for bug 197781

> Data wrote:
>> > @asac:
>> > Sorry, didn't know, that package firefox was actually firefox 2. Thanks for changing the affected packages!
>> > @John:
>> > I tried to trigger the bug on two different notebooks and also with a clean profile, as you suggested and it is still present, although, it is harder to trigger the bug on faster computers (as the bug only occurs when a "tab" in the preferences-window couldn't be loaded, because the user switched to a different "tab" fast enough).
>> >
>> > Quite a certain way to trigger the bug is:
>> >
>> > 1. Open Preferences
>> > 2. Use the tab-key to change the focus until the "tab"-bar is selected.
>> > 3. Press "left"-key/"right"-key and keep holding it down for a while, so that the cursor races through the different "tabs" (Privacy, Security, Advanced, etc.)
>> > 4. Now click each "tab" and see that "tabs" some do not show any content/ the content does not change when changing tabs.
>> >
>> > Maybe you could try again to trigger the bug on your machine?
>> >
>> > (This bug does not seem to be very noticeable/annoying on fast machines
>> > but it is really annyoing when using a slow computer or in a virtual
>> > machine)
>> >
>> >

I will see what i can do to reproduce this with new steps given, Can you
please list specs of you pc as in processor type and rating(400mhz or
whatever) also amount of memory in PC graphics card and drivers that you
Also does this happen with and without desktop effects enabled?

Sincerely Yours,
    John Vivirito
Linux User# 414246