Comment 44 for bug 197781

Sorry, didn't know, that package firefox was actually firefox 2. Thanks for changing the affected packages!
I tried to trigger the bug on two different notebooks and also with a clean profile, as you suggested and it is still present, although, it is harder to trigger the bug on faster computers (as the bug only occurs when a "tab" in the preferences-window couldn't be loaded, because the user switched to a different "tab" fast enough).

Quite a certain way to trigger the bug is:

1. Open Preferences
2. Use the tab-key to change the focus until the "tab"-bar is selected.
3. Press "left"-key/"right"-key and keep holding it down for a while, so that the cursor races through the different "tabs" (Privacy, Security, Advanced, etc.)
4. Now click each "tab" and see that "tabs" some do not show any content/ the content does not change when changing tabs.

Maybe you could try again to trigger the bug on your machine?

(This bug does not seem to be very noticeable/annoying on fast machines but it is really annyoing when using a slow computer or in a virtual machine)