Comment 111 for bug 164526

I am using FF I have encountered this bug. I am somewhat confused by the possible workarounds. Here is my situation. I have a popup block that MUST use position:fixed. The customer wants it to appear at the same part of the screen regardless of the scrolling. There are three such popups. They are all given visibility:hidden. The reason for this is to not push the rest of the screen down that is behind the popup. I have the z-index changed to 99 when dynamically changing the visibility to visible. Originally it is set at -1. The reason I did that was because some buttons were not being activated when clicked because they were hidden behind this hidden block. The block has both a textarea and a text field. Neither one shows focus (caret?) when clicked, but both accept text.

This is an AJAX/DHTML application. I am using overflow:hidden in the mainwrapper surrounding everything including this div. I have IE6 code that sets overflow-x:auto and overflow-y:hidden.

What can I do to make this work?