Comment 2 for bug 123103

Fabien Tassin (fta) wrote :

A screenshot for windows changing workspace ? you're kidding me right ?

As for step by step instructions, they are in the initial report. Or is my english so bad ??

It's easy to reproduce:

- using metacity (maybe other WMs too)
- configure firefox-granparadiso as your preferred web browser in gnome
- start firefox-granparadiso in workspace 1
- start liferea (or call it from the notification area if it's already there) in workspace 2.
  [ liferea is just an example, could also be xchat, even "About ubuntu" in the System menu, or anything with clickable URLs)
- select any feed in liferea that contains an URL
- click on that URL (still in liferea)
- suddenly, firefox-granparadiso moves from workspace 1 to workspace 2 and raises over liferea and steals the focus.

Redo the same steps with firefox 2, the URL is loaded (in my case, in a new tab) but the firefox window stays were it was (ie workspace 1) with the same z position (no raise).

(my metacity prefs are no-autoraise, no click-to-raise, follow focus)

As I said, it looks like a feature, but in my case, it's annoying and unwanted so there should at the very least be a way to revert the behavior.