Comment 35 for bug 642518

I'm not certain if it's anything different; however, to get my ATI driver
working again, I had to select 'Troubleshoot' from the menu when it detected
the driver error, and manually set the driver config file to read "normal"
for rotation vice "right".

Also, when I now go back into the Catalyst Control Center, if I try to
rotate the screen again it gives the following error:

Current settings can not be applied. Possible issues include:
   Display(s) cannot be enabled
   Setting(s) cannot be applied due to insufficient video memory

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On Sep 20, 2010 11:02 AM, "torcescubogdan" <email address hidden>

Fixed with Luc Bruninx info at post #14, after that I reconfigure x whit
"sudo aticonfig --force --initial" and reboot. Now It's working thank
you all!

[MASTER] package fglrx 2:8.723.1-0ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: Kernel
fix for CVE-2010-30...