Comment 121 for bug 642518

k-m (k-m) wrote :

More development of my issue, for background info see comment117 and full logs in 119

recap: used fglrx 2:8.723.1-0ubuntu5, driver configured, but laggy, decided to update to X Updates PPA to version 2:8.780-0ubuntu1, ran updates, tried to run

phynx@phynx-laptop:~$ sudo aticonfig --force --initial
X Error of failed request: BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)
  Major opcode of failed request: 140 (ATIFGLEXTENSION)
  Minor opcode of failed request: 49 ()
  Serial number of failed request: 15
  Current serial number in output stream: 15
[1]+ Done gnome-system-log