Comment 422 for bug 351186

Nicolas Delvaux (malizor) wrote :

I already proposed B (via a special patched xserver version which should replace current xserver when installing fglrx from repositories).
I think it's the easier/better solution: No need to worry about potentials regressions on nvidia, intel or whatever else.

The patch is ready NOW, this just need an update to fglrx dependencies and the upload of the 'xserver-fglrx-fix' (or whatever name you prefer). For some packaging hero it's surely possible to build the patched xserver from the main source package along with other xserver packages, so the patched version will always be sync with further xserver updates.

So AFAIK we basically need 2 updates. If someone can/wants to take care of this, it might not be too late for Lucid...