Comment 421 for bug 351186

Alf Gaida (agaida) wrote :

@Bryce #419
I dont think so.
@Bryce #420
Full ACK. As i wrote, a patch can't be the final solution. But i think, as the bug is present for over two releases of ubuntu, there must be a "semi-official" ppa or so one. This means, the ppa has to be promoted in the wiki, faq etc. I know that the people at ATI are working on this problem too. Promoting a ppa give new users the chance to find it quickly and for the maintainers the chance to keep it actual in a simple way. And it were the right place for the "good news" that it is obsolete. if there are a final solution.

Keeping Marks words about the meaning of ubuntu in mind - these words mean to me, give new users a fair chance enjoing ubuntu too. For me it is no big problem aplying the patch and be happy. I dont know how it shows for a first time ubuntu-(linux)-user.

Another time - this bug is a real SHOWSTOPPER.