Comment 369 for bug 351186

You can use Synaptic to Force Version and Lock Version when select a pacakge and click on the Package tab on the menu bar.

$ fglrxinfo #then check the openGL version string.
$ dmesg | grep '\[fglrx\] module'
[ 15.250843] [fglrx] module loaded - fglrx 8.66.10 [Sep 3 2009] with 1 minors
Since AMD release monthly driver, Sep 3 2009 driver is 9.10. Then October is 9.11, November is 9.12. December is Christmas, January driver hasn't out yet and it will be 10.1 cos it is a new year.

Anyway, I have compile a deb with backclear patch by Felix, not the no-backfill patch though. You can grab it here , Sorry, I don't have a PPA yet.

Memory leak are present on all patches and non-patched version, workaround by @Vancouverite is off PowerPlay before shutdown and on PowerPlay after login. Or disable Powerplay all together, but the card will get very hot though.

Cheers all.