Comment 290 for bug 351186

I found 8.10 to have a stable ati enviroment. Been a slippery downhill slope
from their for ati users

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On Oct 25, 2009 12:40 AM, "Zega" <email address hidden> wrote:

Hey guys. I'm going to be just a little bit off topic, but it seems that
this is the only place where this critical issue is being debated. I'm
disappointed not to find any reviews (along with suggestions) of this
issue on any tech site.

I've discovered Ubuntu right when Jaunty came out, and to my (un)luck, i
have a Toshiba laptop with an ATI Mobility Radeon 2600 HD. So i have the
same problems as you guys. I applied the backfill patch, but soon got
fed up with the still-sluggish environment, and the difficulty in doing
routine tasks that require more than just a bit of video power (tabs,
IDEs, videos etc) , that on Windows were not a problem.

So i decided to put Ubuntu for a nap until it was properly fixed. I had
it as a second booter, but mainly used Windows and reguraly checked for
updates on this issue..

Now, after a very nightmareish night of trying to install Visual Studio,
that ended up tearing down the whole syhen stem (i'm not a beginner but
this is ridiculous), i've decided to leave leave windows behind and make
the best out of a linuxbased OS.

The problem is, i really really wish this issue would go away. I know i
can simply disable desktop effects, but that doesn't mean that i have
full videocad support, and the system will still lag when i need it the
most. That's why i invested in a better laptop after all.

So what should i do? Is this problem persistent throughout other linux
distros? Is Debian or Fedora or another one free of this bug? Or can i
successfully go back prior to Jaunty, to an older version, and not have
problems with all the new apps? (i'm scared by the thought of constantly
having dozens of New Updates that i'm not allowed to touch)

I need alternatives, and i apologise if it's off topic, but i really did
not find what i was looking for anywhere else.

-- [M76] [ubuntu 9.04] slow unminimizing with ati card and desktop effects